pursecopyyI’ll admit: it took me a long time to actually become a purse holder. My parents would buy amazing bags for my birthday or Christmases only for them to collect dust in my room, meanwhile I was going out with the phone cases that carried the essentials. It was a total waste. It wasn’t until recently I would never be spotted without a big bag. I went from carrying my phone, cards, and keys to stuff I never really even touch but swear it will come in handy someday. So today I’m sharing what I always have in my bag no matter what.

1. Roll-On Perfume: The scent changes daily but it’s an essential for me to always freshen up with a perfume. I swear, it’s the easiest way to make a great first impression… people never forget anyone who smells amazing!

2. Lipstick: This one’s a given. The shade I’m wearing that day ALWAYS comes with me to re-apply.

3. Watch/Jewelry: Usually, I’ll already be wearing my jewelry details for the day, but if I’m running out somewhere really fast and casual, I’ll usually pack it in my bag for when I go out later to spruce up my #ootd!

4. Sunnies: I never, ever, ever leave the house without sunglasses. I mean, obviously, almost all of my outfit posts have sunglasses included. I have a slight obsession. I try to change up my pair everyday, but I’ve been really into these mirrored lenses. (From Aldo)

5. Blush: I like to keep the brush I’m wearing that day in bag in case throughout the day I start to look washed out. I never really need it, but it’s always there just in case!

5. Phone/Headphones: You’ll never see me without my phone in my hand… Hey, I’m a blogger alright. (And an Instagram fanatic). I get asked all the time where my phone case is from and I’m finally deciding to share it with you guys! Raise your hand if you’re up for a DIY!! I’m the worst at crafting, I tried endlessly to be good at Pinterest stuff but it’s simply not in the cards for me. That’s where my boyfriend comes to the rescue. He ended up buying me a marble decal for my computer because he knows how obsessed with it I am… only to find out that I already had one (told you I was obsessed). So he cut the decal to fit my phone, and I already had a clear silicone case. He simply just taped the decal to the inside of my phone case and Wa-lah!

6. Amazon Kindle : Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a huge book-worm. I’m a total nerd. And I have to say it, I prefer holding a real-life book in my hand and flipping the pages, but when touring, it’s kind of just impractical. Books are heavy… too heavy for suitcases and it’s such a waste to just leave them behind, so I took the plunge and got the kindle. And it makes reading while traveling super easy. It’s so lightweight and fits into any carryon.

7. Wallet: Duh. Cash, change, cards, etc. This ones from Ted Baker and I’ve been in love with it ever since I got it.

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Xo, Victoria


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