No, the title is not dramatic. Click bait? Maybe just a little bit. We can’t all win at everything. But let me tell you a little bit about my the nightmare that is… my hair. I’ve only had one hair color in my life that I’ve liked- my ombré in 2014. It just suited me and I loved it. And I wore it till it died. It started to wash out, fade, and eventually turn green. At this point, I was traveling back and forth from Miami to ATL, then ATL to Houston. I was never home long enough to fit into my hairdresser’s schedule so my ombré and I had to part ways. It was a sad day. I couldn’t find anyone to do my hair, and I was about to leave to spend the summer in Montreal. I didn’t have the time to book a hair appointment or the money, so I went for the trusty drugstore box. Since that day, it’s been 5 box colors and one disastrous hair appointment later (that turned me into a pineapple) until today. I did the best that I could while we were traveling but now I’m living in New York, I knew it was time to treat myself to a real salon. I’ve been scarred too many times with my hair that I didn’t go in with high expectations and I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous. And it’s safe to say, I left almost in happy tears. Y’all, I’m not an emotional person.


Olivia Christensen salon is what you picture to be in Vogue, on an #interiorgoals Instagram, or in your wildest, prettiest dreams. Practically glistening, it’s black and white everywhere with marble… so much marble. So you already know it’s about to be blogger mecca. With a shiny chandelier, white roses, and a wall of beauty inso, you feel elegant just being in there.

I went to the hairdressers at Olivia Christensen Salon with 1 photo of Kim Kardashian (bc who else) and I walked out as her hair doppleganger. I arrived at the salon at 6 pm and sat in Lina’s chair the entire evening. I spent 4 hours in that chair and at one point, I’m pretty sure I had at least 3 pounds of tin foil on my head. I told her exactly what I wanted and I left with my dream hair. At one point, we saw that the color didn’t exactly suit my skin tone, and she went back and changed it without any hesitation. It’s the sort of place you can just tell they take what they do very seriously and they want their customers to be genuinely happy when they leave. They literally stayed 3 hours after closing to get my hair just right. And I can honestly say, I’ve never loved my hair color more.

I came back in on Saturday to get my cut. I wanted lots of layers, some of my length cut off, and some face-framing. Izabella did just that. You know when you go to the hair salon and you’re like, “I just want a trim.” And you walk out with a bob? Not here. She asked me over and over again, “like here?” Then, “Okay, just here, right?” I loved it. Izabella was extra cautious to not cut off more than I asked, and jesus, is that refreshing. She checked, double checked, and triple checked that every single layer was even over and over again. I had consent to every snip of my hair and I loved feeling at-ease and in control of how much was being cut off. I believe the relationship you have with your hairdresser should be no less than with your boyfriend. Trust and communication are key to a happy outcome. And I can one hundred percent say I trust them with everything.

The entire staff there are so sweet as well. Salons (to me) usually feel impersonal, and more than it should, do I often feel like my hairdresser is only talking to me because they have to. At Olivia Christensen, you can tell that they all get genuinely care about you. Everybody left a great impression on me. I was having full conversation with girls who didn’t even touch my hair. It’s just a friendly environment with girls that actually want to get to know you.

Go visit them & tell them I sent you!

321 E 48th St, New York, NY 10017
M-Th: 10am-7pm
Fri-Sat: 10am-6pm

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