I feel like we’re always being introduced to new ways to shop. Long gone are the days that we shop through catalogs – heck, it’s rare I shop in a store these days. I’m always one to embrace new ways to do simple things (must be the New Yorker in me), which is why I’m now using Luv.It to shop + make some extra cash flow on the side. sells clothes from all types of brands – big and small. I’m all about the smaller designers on the app. I received this t-shirt + a pair of simple silver earrings. I don’t have a pair of go-to earrings, so I decided now was the time to give them a shot! I haven’t taken them off since. (Weird how I’ve gone my whole life without wearing earrings and sleeping in them doesn’t bother me…) I decided to pair the tee with my favorite pair of jeans, and this fringe jacket I’ve been wearing non-stop.


With Luv.It, you earn cash back on every purchase you make as well as whenever someone else buys a look you’ve shared. Through the app, you can share and ‘luv’ items that catch your eye – making the entire experience social. also picks out some items they think you’d like based off of what you’ve been luving and sharing. I’ve been sharing my feedback with the Luv.It team along with some other influencers to ensure the app is so easy ya’ granny could do it. And if I say so myself, it’s one of my favorite apps on the market. Want to get in on the action? Sign up here + download the app. Catch all of my favorite looks and items on my account: @VictoriaVanNess


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