Last week I took a trip home to Atlanta to take a break from the city and see my family. (My little sis just started Kindergarten, y’all, where does the time go?!) I went home for 8 days, and I’ve never ever taken a trip with just a carry-on… I mean, it’s a scary thought! I recently got a new suitcase from Raden, a new pop-up shop in NYC. This New York-based company just launched the suitcase that changes the way we think of travel.

Now that I’ve traveled with it, I really don’t think I could go without it. My Raden has become my travel BFF. Being always on the go and always on my phone, it’s hard to stay charged up. My Raden A22 comes with not one, but two USB ports to charge anything you need on the go.


In addition to the case looking sleek, it’s equipped with top-of-the-line technology. When you buy a Raden, you then get the app- the key to making travel simple. In the app, you can check the wait time at your airport security as well as track your suitcase. Every time that I fly, I get so nervous that something will happen to my bag, I can’t help it. Now that I’m able to track my bag, I have piece-of-mind. And my favorite part about the technology? Your Raden weighs itself. Whaaaat? You heard right! When Joe and I would travel, we would always misplace our suitcase weight over and over again, it was never accurate, and it honestly hurt to lift the case with those flimsy things. With my new case, it’s pretty much effortless. To weigh the Raden, all I have to do is lift the case by the handle and check the weight on my phone.

Want some extra protection? The suitcase comes with TSA-approved locks to secure your bag. Another favorite feature of mine? The wheels! I swear, the simplest things make me so satisfied after traveling as much as I do. The wheels on the Raden rotate 360 degrees around and the case rolls as smooth as butta’. Not to mention, the colors are enough to be considered as a show-stopper. I’m not a pink gal, but I couldn’t resist, it’s the cutest!


Want to visit the store? 72 Spring St. Soho, NY
Wednesday – Sunday; 12 – 7pm

Want to buy my suitcase? Thought so!


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