Welcome to my new site! I promise this will be the last big change from me on here that you see. I’ve learned while developing and creating my site that I’ve definitely become a perfectionist. I want everything that I put out that you guys see to be 100% my best work, and if it’s not… I’m simply just not happy.…


Ahhh, I had one of the best relaxing weekends since we’ve been here! A few movies, a lot of yummy food, and some touristy sights. We started our Saturday off at one of our favorite brunch places in downtown Montreal, Eggspectation.


Anyone that knows me knows that I’m almost sickly obsessed with anything chocolately & minty flavored. The holiday season is truly the best time of the year thanks to all of the chocolate peppermint flavored everything (presents are cool too, but have you ever had the candy cane flavored Hershey kisses?) With that being said, I almost died when I saw Lush had mask embodying my two favorite things.


bestHello loves! I hope everyone is having a fantastic week. Today I’m sharing a really simple look with a twist. The outfit is something I’d typically wear going out- without the sneakers. I wanted to transform a night-time look to something really simple and street.…