Not a limb… Just a fire escape. For how beautiful NYC is, we still walk around for at least thirty minutes before we can settle on a background we like to shoot. There’s always something wrong with the location… Whether it be too busy, that inch of graffiti that ruins the whole shot, or the unpredictable amount (or lack thereof) of sun. There was one week where I was crazy busy and had to knock out a few outfits in one day. I was already brainstorming locations for all of my outfits, but nothing was standing out to me. Before I left work, a wee little lightbulb went off. At my office, we have a fire escape that no one has ever been on. The view is great and the sun was out to play. I thought, “Why not try it?” I called my boyfriend to come meet me in my office so we could give it a shot and we both agreed it was unique. The photos turned out amazing. What do you think?

Dress: SWF Boutique 
Shoes: Ego UK 
Sunglasses: Ray Ban- Ditto

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