Still enjoying the last bits of colder weather here in New York, I’m literally squeezing my last moments that I can wear pants everyday. I truly hate shorts. Which reminds me… gotta hop on Pinterest to get warmer weather inspo. Seriously, it’s impossible to make those things look good… Whatever, moving on!

I’ve been on the hunt for at least a good few months for a good pair of leather pants. I’ve practically been stalking Asos on the daily waiting for them to restock a pair I fell in love with back in January. It never happened. Probably for the best because I found these ones instead! The stretchy waist band makes them a tad more comfy than your average pair of leather pants, but they’re still a nightmare to get into, who are we kidding here.

If you know me at all, you know I’m obsessed with Harry Potter. I was jokingly making fun of Forever 21’s taste in “Muscle Tee’s and Tanks” when 10 pages deep I came across this Harry Potter top. Sorry I judged you F21. Or maybe I’m the one that should be judged…? Irrelevant. I love it. #shameless

Blazer: here
Shirt: here
Hat: here
Pants: here
Sunglasses: shop similar
Shoes: shop similar 
Bag: shop similar


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