Happy Sunday babes!

Here’s one of my favorite looks I’ve recently thrown together that isn’t crazy expensive when compared to similar outfits. If you can’t tell, I love Forever21, Topshop, Zara, etc. I mean, if you can find trends on the cheap, why not do it?! Now that I’m posting outfits from my time here in Europe, I’m going to be doing A LOT of mixing & matching. I came here with only one suitcase for 3 months. I get asked a lot on my Tumblr how I afford some of the things that I have, and like I always say… I worked and I saved. I don’t splurge on silly things. If there’s something I really want, I won’t spend money on the things that I don’t, and when I justify spending money on that one thing I love, I do it and I don’t feel guilty. You have to spoil yourself from time to time. I’m obsessed with purses, forget shoes and forget expensive clothes, I’m a bag lady for life. Which is why I shop at places like F21, because it gets the job done and doesn’t break the bank. My looks are for the everyday girl just like me, affordable and working with what you got in your closet.

These are the only pair of heels I brought with me (some of you are like whaaaat right now). But we don’t ever go out, it’s not who we really are. Think of Joe & I as your old married couple without kids, we just watch a shit load of Netflix and cuddle (awwww). It’s very rare you’ll see me wearing heels. So, one is enough 🙂
These jeans I wear on repeat, and I’m pretty sure I’ve already posted about them more times than there are letters in the alphabet, but they’re my favorite. (If you saw my last post, these are a pair of the jeans I linked).
This tank is a basic for me, so I wear it a lot. You can also get the same top in a different color for $20. Boo-yah!
I bought this duster about only 3 weeks ago, so I’m not sure why I’m not seeing the exact one online, but I’m sure if you went in to Forever21 with the right mindset, 10 of your girlfriends, and an amazing game plan… you’ll find it. But seriously, am I the only one that gets major anxiety from that place? I need a nap after stepping foot in there, for realssss.
My clutch is from Ted Baker, and it comes with a cross-body strap so it’s a 2 for 1! You guys, is it deal day or what? Hehe, I’m getting annoying now but so what, it’s my blog. I can cry if I want to. Just kidding, no crying here. But it is a sad day because it’s sold out everywhere. Fingers crossed it comes back! 
_MG_6643_MG_6623 3 _MG_6662hairflip _MG_67162_MG_6705DUSTER COAT: Forever21 or Forever 21
CLUTCH: Ted Baker (sold out)
SHOES: Office


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