MenuWRITING This weekend Joe and I discovered one of Montreal’s little gems… SUSHI CRESCENT!! Okay, let me just start off by saying this place is: all. you. can. eat. Yes, I said all you can eat. We brought our A-game because the menu is large. For $25 per person… It ranges everywhere from sashimi to hand rolls & fried rice to ramen.
OutsideYou sit down and they give you little sheets where you write the number of the item and how much you want. You’re free to go at your own pace, we never felt rushed. There were people eating around us who were there for hours! We really had to take little breaks in between our orders, and maybe give each other a pep-talk or two to keep ourselves going!
pizzaThis beauty was definitely one of my favorites. It’s called a Sushi Pizza. The top is filled with fish eggs, tempura flakes, and crab, while the bottom is fried sticky rice with eel sauce. Can you say ah-mazing?!
BallMy second top pick were the octopus balls- “takoyaki.” They’re like little balls of heavenly goodness. Joe and I both got a few each… They were perfectly fried and the octopus tasted really fresh. The dumplings, kamikaze roll, and the udon noodles were all also spectacular. 
We really enjoyed our experience at Sushi Crescent, and we’re honestly already to go back. If you’re in the Montreal area make sure to check this place out.

You can find Sushi Crescent’s directions and extensive menu here.

Xo, Victoria

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