Montmartre Minimalism

I haven’t posted AT ALL since I’ve been in Paris, I know… I’m the worst. We’ve been so busy gallivanting around the city this past week I’ve barely had a second to breathe. My eyes have seen the most gorgeous scenery, my belly is full of amazing Parisian food, and my body is exhausted. Touristing is hard you guys! Thank goodness that I’ve been snapping outfits along the way, as well as all that Paris has to offer. We managed to see everything we wanted in the one week my boyfriend has off before to working. It can be done ladies and ‘gents!

Yesterday, we made our way up to Sacré-Coeur and explored the ever-so-lovely, Montmartre. We loved how busy it was for a rather small town. Filled with amazing shops and even better food, we had a blast. It wasn’t too cold yesterday, so I opted for the trustworthy leather jacket, plain black leggings, a grey tank & hat, and an ashy blue-ish scarf I’ve had for years. It was enough to keep me warm all day, comfortable while climbing the 300 steps at Sacré-Coeur, and exploring the city.
Stay connected for more tourist photos and outfit posts coming up this week! Xo
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