With fall just around the corner, I’ve been itching to start playing with the season’s looks. I think we can all agree that fall is the best season to dress for… mhhhhhm. Wearing those chunky sweaters or a blazer instantly adds an element of style to any outfit. Because it’s still almost a solid 100 degrees in the city, I couldn’t go too cozy for this look. I wanted to pair a heavier top with some shorts and sandals- one of the easiest and most flattering outfits you can put together in minutes.

I think the cool thing about clothes is making any outfit your own. This is called developing a sense of personal style. For this collaboration with Marks & Spencer, I was asked to wear their newest British Vogue collection which I loved. The clothes were slightly more structured and professional than what I would normally wear, so I decided to make it my own! I paired it with my signature hat, a pair of flirty lace-up sandals, and simple denim shorts. I also decided to tie up the long line white button-up to bring some femininity to the outfit.

Top: here
Jacket: here
Shoes: here
 Bag: here

How do you style your outfits as your own? x

Thank you to Shopping Links x Marks and Spencer for supporting this post. 


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