Anyone that knows me knows that I’m almost sickly obsessed with anything chocolately & minty flavored. The holiday season is truly the best time of the year thanks to all of the chocolate peppermint flavored everything (presents are cool too, but have you ever had the candy cane flavored Hershey kisses?) With that being said, I almost died when I saw Lush had mask embodying my two favorite things. Being the Lush enthusiast that I am- I was surprised I didn’t know about this mask until recently, but I’m so glad I found it. 
lush mask[P.S. shout out to Quebec, sorry for the French]

I’ve always had really clear skin, never too oily or too dry, I didn’t even get my first spot until I was like, 16. Unfortunately all of that’s recently changed since I’ve been here in Montreal, and I can’t even tell you why. I’m an avid user of masks, especially Lush’s fresh masks. They have a wide range of different masks made with all-natural ingredients for all skin types. Given my recently troubled skin, I decided to give ‘Cupcake’ a try, made especially to combat breakouts. 
dippingIt’s hard not to want to eat it, the mask smells amazzzing. It’s the kind of mask you want on while watching a Lifetime movie marathon… It’s really creamy and easy to apply. In case you’re not familiar with the fresh face masks, you have about 3 weeks until it goes off. Keep it in the fridge because it’s made with real, fresh, and natural ingredients. I find I’m always throwing them away with a few more uses in them just because I can’t finish it in time, so plan a girl’s night and share the pot! 
putting onI did notice that almost all of my spots went away after about two uses, it definitely does what it says it will. The mask is also made for oily skin, so it did dry it out a bit after I took it off, so be sure to add your moisturizer immediately after to fight your skin drying out. I have no complaints, only great things to say about the mask. 
all onI leave the mask on for 15-30 minutes, depending on how much I need it. I read some reviews saying the clean-up is too messy, but I’ve never had an easy clean-up with masks, or any problems removing this one. I noticed the longer I kept the mask (after week 2), the more crumbly it gets when I take it off but that kind of made it easier for me! 
doneHaha, it looks so ridiculous but it’s sooo worth it! If you have any mask favorites you swear by, share them with me, I’m always looking for new skin care to try!

You can check out Lush’s fresh masks here: LUSH.
Xo, Victoria 


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