A braid is my go-to secret weapon. Through countless bad hair days, overslept bed-heads, and spontaneous evenings out, a good braid is my hero of them all. A braid is the most effortless way to look perfectly put-together anywhere from the airplane to brunch. There’s hundreds of different braids a girl can sport on her own, but what if you don’t know them all… or even, how to achieve the look? That’s why I’m talking with you guys about the Kérastase “Book of Braids” and their Matérialiste contest. The book is composed of SO MANY different braids with beautiful illustrations and step-by-step guides that make perfecting any hairstyle a piece of cake. You can sign up to download the Book of Braids here:
Kérastase Book of Braids
BAT_Kerastase_Book of Braid_20What makes signing up even better? When you download the Book of Braids, you AUTOMATICALLY get entered for an opportunity to win the limited edition Matérialiste tote filled with the braiding essentials mentioned in the book!

In addition to receiving the book and entering the contest, you also get FREE SHIPPING on any order on Kerastase.ca, with my unique code: [VICTORIABRAIDS].

Good Luck!
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