A big hoo-rah because I’m finally in Brussels, Belgium! I spent a month back home in Atlanta with my family and friends, and after a full 24 hours of traveling… I’m now back to traveling with my boyfriend! We’re starting off the tour in Brussels, and I can’t express how excited I am to be in this beautiful city! But like I said, it took a full day to get here. I left Atlanta at noon on Tuesday, flew to my connection in Washington with only an hour to spare until my flight to Paris. Once I arrived in Paris, yet again, only another hour until my train left! I finally made it to our apartment around 12pm on Wednesday… Can you say crazy!? It was definitely the most fast-paced travel experience I’ve had, I seriously don’t think I ever even walked, I was in constant sprint trying to make each stop. It was nuts!

In order to survive the full day, I definitely had to pack smart. Everything essential that I needed to keep me calm and organized was with me at all times. The perfectly-packed carry-on is a must for a long-haul flight, and I’m sharing with you guys what I keep in mine, along with some major travel tips!
1. NIKE TECH FLEECE HOODIE: Okay, I got this hoodie about a week ago, and I’m obsessed with it! It’s the coziest hoodie I’ve ever owned, not to mention, it’s sick. When it comes to comfort, I’ll take a hoodie over a zip-up anyday. It’s a travel essential for me because of the neck. It’s funneled neckline keeps me warm, and also can cover my face when I’m trying to take a snooze.
2. FUZZY SOCKS: Some people swear by compression socks, but I’ve never really felt like I absolutely needed them. Instead, I always go for fuzzy socks. On every overnight flight, my shoes come off… I won’t deny it. To keep my feet warm and toasty, a pair of comfy socks go a long way.
3. PURSE: I keep all of my carry-on essentials in a large tote. If you pack smart it’s all you’ll ever need. I got this Prada Saffiano tote last week from my parents before I left as an early birthday present. I’ve wanted it for so long, I might have started tearing up… (Stop judging, I’m a bag lady, you guys should know that by now!) I love it because it’s a double zip which helps me keep organized. The long shoulder strap is also perfect when I’m in a hurry because I can just toss it on and take off.
4. SUNNIES: Yes, obviously sunglasses are in this post. I don’t go anywhere without them. Chances are, if you’ve just gotten off a long flight, you’re not going to look you’re absolute best or even feel it, and that’s okay! That’s when sunglasses come in. I’m not saying we’re all Kendall Jenner and should to wear them through the airport, but definitely throwing them on when you’ve landed can hide the imperfections.

1. NECK PILLOW: This Swiss Gear neck pillow inflates with a few breaths, so it’s easy to store when you don’t need it.
2. SLEEP MASK: Get some shut eye in style. The overhead lights on planes do go off at night, but some people still use lights for reading, and lights from their computers, tablets, etc. can be distracting. And if you’ve got a daytime flight, a sleep mask is so important to get good rest.
3. EARPHONES: Airlines used to give headphones for all passengers, although that’s not the case anymore. If you want to catch a movie on the plane or even listen your iPod, you have to bring your own. And you can never go wrong with gold!

1. SNACKS: Airplane food isn’t the best for you. If you do eat the meals provided for you, balance it out with healthy snacks. Since planes dry you out, look for snacks that are low-sodium. The less salt, the better you’ll feel up there. I love Kind bars, they’re light and keep me full for long.
2. DRINK: If I have a nighttime flight, I love a calming tea before I fall asleep. Airplanes only carry coffee and black tea which are full of caffeine, so I bring my own! My favorite is this lavender & chamomile. I just ask them for a cup of hot water, and I have my favorite tea!

1. WATER:  Water, water, water. I can’t say it enough! Buy the biggest bottle you can at the airport once you’ve PASSED security and take it with you on the plane! Staying hydrated is a must because when you fly, the air pressure drys you out from head to toe. Drinking a lot of water will also combat any jet lag and germs trying to enter your immune system!
2. COCONUT OIL: I don’t use lotion, I barely use normal conditioner, and I don’t even own shaving cream. Can you guess why? Coconut Oil. If you haven’t jumped on the train, let me help you. If you’re a minimalist in the beauty area, this stuff is for you. Which is why I love traveling with it. Since flying dehydrates my skin, I always apply some coconut oil to my face to act as a moisturizer, some to my lips as lip balm, and some to my hands as lotion and cuticle balm. Once I’m at my destination, I use it as conditioner, shaving cream, and an anti-frizz remedy.
3. EYE CREAM: If you’re prone to dark circles like me, carry Mario Badescu’s overnight eye cream with you. It will help disguise the look of eye bags and keep your under-eye area moisturized.

1. LAPTOP: If I have a long haul flight, I’ll usually bring it with me on the plane. Mostly because I don’t feel comfortable with it being in my luggage in case it gets lost or if my luggage is being handled roughly. Sometimes I’ll crack out some writing or reorganize some of my files.
2. KINDLE: I’ve already shared my love for my Kindle with you guys. It’s perfect for all the jet-setters out there. I don’t use any electronics at least 30 minutes before I go to sleep, so if I plan on snoozing, I’ll read versus watching the movies or spending time on my computer.
3. PORTABLE CHARGER: Most airports and planes have charging outlets now, but it never hurts to be too safe! Keep one of these in your bag if you’re traveling for a long time, especially to a different country. If you need to buy adapters, this gives you a little bit of extra time until your juice runs out. And um… of course its marble.

1. THIEVES SPRAY: My mom recently introduced me to this stuff. She swears by it, and now so do I. As a part of Young Living Essential Oils, the thieves spray is one of the best sellers. It’s kind of like the coconut oil of essential oils! It can be used to do anything from cleaning your kitchen counters, public toilet seats, sanitizing your hands, or even cleaning your air. I have the mini spray bottle which I take with me everywhere. On the planes, I spray it on my seat to disinfect it, along with the provided pillows and blankets. It smells so yummy that even when on an icky plane, I feel so cozy. I also use it as a hand sanitizer. And when I travel, I have the portable home diffuser in which I use the thieves oil to disinfect our hotel air.
2. PONDS WIPES: To keep my skin feeling and smelling fresh even when I feel gross, I love the Ponds cleansing wipes. They’re my favorite because they’re wet, so it doesn’t leave my skin feel feeling sticky and dry. And they smell of lavender & chamomile- so if I’m about to sleep, I’ll wipe my face really quick and doze off.
3. EMERGEN-C: If I ever feel a cold coming on, this stuff kicks it right away almost every time. It’s got tons of Vitamin-C and boosts your immune system. So if I know I’m about to fly, I’ll drink a glass the day before, the day I fly, and the day after, just to fight any germs I could catch. This one’s good because it’s infused to help you sleep. So you could take it with you to help you catch some Zzz’s and fight a cold! What’s better than that?!

1. ZIP POUCH: I always see the travel organizers that hold your credit cards, passport, and usually a little pocket to keep your documents safe. I prefer to have a small, clear case to keep all of that in. I like having the pouch because I can get it all out faster and not have to worry about tucking it back into the right pocket. Traveling is usually fast paced, you don’t really have the time to shuffle through multiple pockets or your purse to find each piece of paper. You only need your passport when checking in, and going through customs (if you’re traveling internationally), only your ID when going through security, and your boarding passes only when getting on your plane. Therefore I can find them all faster when they’re right there and not hidden away, plus the clear case helps me locate them even quicker. And if you’re not a frequent flyer, buying a travel organizer can be a waste of money. Go for the pouch instead, and once you’re there, you can double it as a make up case! If you can find more than one use for something you’re traveling with, you’re winning. People make traveling a lot more complicated than it has to be, keep it simple people!
2. ADVIL, TYLENOL, ETC.: You never know when you’re going to need it, better safe than sorry!
3. LIQUIDS: When flying, all liquids that you take on the plane with you have to be under 3.4 oz, and in a quart-sized ziploc bag. So make sure they’re the appropriate size, nothing worse than having to throw away good stuff!

If you have any other travel essentials you can’t do without, leave a comment below and let me know your suggestions! Happy traveling! xo

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