How to Dress your Ass-ets

So… This topic is a bit outside the box. If you know anything about me, you know that I’m very blunt, upfront, and honest. I don’t get shy talking about anything personal, and if you ask me anything, I’ll tell you pretty much anything you want to know. It might not seem like the most professional post, and if you get offended… to be honest, I’m not sorry. There’s thousands of fashion bloggers out there posting daily, but to be real with you guys, very few have major curves, and even if they do, it seems as if talking about them is extremely uncommon.

As a new blogger, I really want to be as transparent with my readers as I possibly can. If you take the time to actually read my posts, 1. I love you lots, 2. I owe it to you be real. I’m coming here today to you ladies to help. Lady to lady (Tina Fey voice). Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by jeans. I can’t tell you guys how many times I’ve honestly cried in the dressing room trying on jeans because I hated my thick thighs and large bum. (sorry mimi) I always thought I was fat because I never found pants that would fit me right, so I did what any young girl would do…I resented my body. They were either too tight around my thighs, but gaped at my hips and waist, were too long, too short, etc., everything that could be wrong with my body, I thought it was there.

It took me years to accept my body for what it is. I work out avidly, and when I do eat right, I don’t see change. It’s how my body is made and will forever be. Recently, the media has began to embrace thick legs and big butts while worshipping a small waist- and I admit, it’s helped a little bit to see what my body shape is finally be admired by others. I was so apprehensive to start fashion blogging because I know I don’t look like any of the other famous bloggers out there. I can’t just throw on a skirt and look and feel great, because skirts are almost always too short for my behind. Everytime I do an outfit post, I almost have to plan it out an entire day ahead because not only do I have to look good in it… I have to feel good in it. If I don’t feel confident in what I’m shooting, the picture will turn out absolute crap every time. My boyfriend will be the first to tell you, getting dressed with me was a nightmare. (Bless him for putting up with me all of this time)

Growing up it was all about stick-sized ladies, (and that’s great if that’s you), but having the media shove one image in your face of what THEY think your body should like only does damage to little girls growing into their bodies. What’s popular shouldn’t change how you feel about your body. We went from admiring bodies of Marilyn Monroe, then to Kate Moss, now to Kim Kardashian. Fashion is ever-changing, just as so the “ideal” body image changes. I’m coming here to say, no matter what’s in, what’s popular, it’s YOUR body, and you have to learn to love it, no matter what is put in front of your face and you’re told to look like. No one can ever be you, and that within itself if beauty.

Looking great comes from feeling confident. Whether you’re a size 2 or a size 12, if you feel great… you look great. Finding your fit can be difficult, but once you have you have clothes that fit you right, I swear it’s a whole new world.

I’m pulling together JEANS that I love. Like I said before, I have short stumpy-ish legs, my thighs are THICK, and my butt is out there, with a tiny waist. If you’ve been blessed and cursed at the same time like me, here’s a few suggestions for you.

TOPSHOP JONI JEANS: Petite if you’re on the shorter side (they even have Maternity, 4 for you Topshop, you go Topshop!) I love them because they’re super stretchy, so they fit all of my curves and kind of hold it allll in.
JOE’S JEANS PROVOCATEUR SKINNY: Back when I was in Atlanta my mom bought me my very first pair of Joe’s Jeans and I died and went to denim heaven. I’ve honestly never felt softer jeans and my life, they feel like pajama’s. Always go down a size in Joe’s because they do stretch.
BDG HIGH RISE JEANS: BDG is the bomb when it comes to jeans that fit me. I like these ones because they also stretch, and they’re high-waisted while tapered at the bottom, which will make your legs appear longer.

Happy shopping ladies.. LUV UR CURVES!


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