Seriously SO in love with my new lashes! They're perfect when you're always on the go just like me. Go see the ladies at @lashfairyy if you're in Atlanta and tell them I sent you!

Seriously SO in love with my new lashes! They’re perfect when you’re always on the go just like me. Go see the ladies at @lashfairyy if you’re in Atlanta and tell them I sent you!

It’s obvious that perfect brows are the craze right now, and don’t get me wrong… they’re important. But my secret weapon: eyelash extensions. No matter how insane it sounds, I’m standing by them. Sure, saving five minutes out of your day to apply mascara doesn’t seem like much, but waking up feeling flawless is priceless. With constant traveling, late nights and early flights, I don’t have the time to wear make up everyday. Having my lashes already done is the best feeling because I can just get up and go anywhere and feel amazing. Eyelash extensions last anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on how well you care for them, which means I can pretty much go a whole month without having to do anything to eyes. How amazing is that?!
The procedure lasts about 2-3 hours and all you have to do is lay down with your eyes shut… A.K.A., your designated nap time. Your lash technician will then carefully apply the extensions to your natural eyelashes to keep them as real looking as possible. You can always customize your look by choosing the length, thickness, and amount of lashes applied. When the extensions begin to fall out, you schedule your next appointment for a ‘fill-in’ to keep your eyes looking flawless. Eyelash extentions are easiest beauty routine to maintain and the payoff couldn’t be better.
I had to get my lashes done before I leave for my next trip, and I immediately knew who I wanted to see! If you’re in the Atlanta area, go see the ladies at ‘Lash Fairyy.’ Jameka and Jamela will make you feel so comfortable, and they’re studio could not be any cuter! They let you customize your look and really take the time to make sure it looks amazing. You can book online here, and tell them I sent you!
Happy lashing! XX

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 11.21.28 AM[Thank you so much to Lash Fairy for sponsoring this post, all words are my own]


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