New York weather has been testing me and my skin lately with all of this snow. My face is dry enough without the change in climate, so it’s been really rough adjusting to a routine that works for me. Thankfully, I’ve found my skin savior. Step aside coconut oil, Egyptian Magic is my new holy grail. I’ve known about this product for a few years now. I saw a lot of make-up artists using Egyptian Magic for a primer, but never actually took the plunge to purchase it. Little did I know, working as a primer is only the beginning of what this little miracle worker can do you for your skin. I waited a couple weeks to test out the many ways I could take advantage of this cream. Here’s some things I like to use it for:

1. Daily Moisturizer: Every day. Once I put it on, I was sold. I can’t go a day without it now.
2. Make-up primer
3. Make-up remover
4. Lip balm
5. Treating split ends
6. Concealing hair frizz
7. Shaving cream- I like to wait for the water to get really warm and steam up my bathroom a little bit. Then I exfoliate, and add the Egyptian magic to where I’m shaving and let it sit for a few minutes. My skin is very sensitive, I would always get razor bumps after shaving. Letting the oil saturate a little bit before shaving prevents any bad outcome.
8. Healing acne spots
9. Fading the appearance of scars
10. Hand cream
11. Face mask- add more than you usually would for a typical moisturizer, leave it on for 20 minutes and then wipe it off. Your skin will be left feeling softer than ever.
12. Softening rough heels- apply it to your heels, put on a pair of fuzzy socks over night. Wake up with the softest feet ever!
13. Setting my brows, the oily texture helps to keep my hairs in place all day
14. Glowing Skin- I add of Egyptian Magic to my lids below my brow bone and on my cheek bones to give my skin that healthy, dewy look

Some Things I’ve Also Read it’s Good for:
1. Tattoo after care
2. Preventing stretch marks, healing stretch marks
3. Treating burns
4. Healing cuts and scars
5. Aiding in ridding Eczema
6. Getting rid of diaper rash



  1. February 10, 2016 / 11:29 pm

    I’m such a product junkie! Going to give this a try, thanks Victoria.

    • Victoria Van Ness
      February 25, 2016 / 12:13 am

      You have to! It’s the best 🙂

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