I’ve always had easy, manageable, healthy growing hair. I could cut it, and a couple of months later, it’s back to my original length stronger + healthier than ever. I apply too much heat than I should and my strands have definitely seen their fair share of color processing. I’m lucky all of that hasn’t caught up to me (yet), but I do always seem to have an issue with my scalp. It’s either way too dry or on the oily side, and unfortunately, I never get a happy medium. I’ve been introduced to Dessange Paris’ Purify Line – and it’s been doing wonders for my little ole’ head. I’ve been using the Purifying Pre-Shampoo Mask + Purifying Shampoo and have been loving the results so far.

The Purifying Pre-Shampoo Mask: Really gets alllll up in there. I apply it with the brush to my scalp and let it sit for 15 minutes. With all of the products, masks, and sprays I use every day on my hair, I feel like it needs a good deep clean from time to time. The clay pulls all of that icky-ness out and leaves me feeling detoxed. Do your locks a favor and give them what they deserve! I use the clay only once a week to avoid pulling too much of the good oil out.

The Purifying Shampoo: When you’ve already used the mask this week, opt for the purifying shampoo. A daily saving grace for us with oily hair. I’m not crazy about an over-powering shampoo scent, but this one is just fresh. It leaves my hair feeling silky and smooth. With a shampoo targeting oily hair, I can now usually go 2 days without a wash! More quality time for me + my Netflix. (awww)

Want to shop Dessange? The line is sold exclusively at Target – so get on it!

Rather win ’em instead? Don’t blame you! Head over to my Instagram here to snag yourself some!

Happy Holidays! xx


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