I won’t even lie to you, one of my biggest adjustments when getting a full-time job was learning to transition my make-up from day to night. I work a 9-5 at Bloglovin’ and usually attend events through my blog or dinners right after I get off work. I’m not an early riser, so even though I love make-up, I try to keep it as minimal as possible to keep exercising that snooze button. It took me a while to find a routine that works for me in the morning that I could easily change up before I leave the office. For this mini tutorial, I’ve teamed up with Charlotte Tilbury and her ‘Dreamy Look In A Clutch Collection. I started off with a base of moisturizer, primer, foundation, and a little bit of highlight and contour.

1. Step one using the New Legendary Muse Luxury Palette: Using a standard eyeshadow brush, I mix the top left pink shade + the top right light gold together to my entire eyelid. Next up, I go in with the bottom left super shimmery gold and apply it to the crease, blending into the inner corner. I add a touch of the bottom right pink to my bottom lash line and smudge it in.

2. Step two using the Mini Legendary Eyeliner in Bedroom Black: Starting at the outer corner of my bottom lash line, I fill in all the way until 1/4 is left untouched. A good way to mark this is by looking directly in the mirror, and stop applying the eyeliner once you reach the inner edge of your pupil. From there, I smudge the liner on the outer edge of my bottom lid for a little bit of a smokey effect and do the same to my top lid.

3. Step three using the Mini Legendary Lashes Mascara: I applied the mascara horizontally along my top lashes and then titled the brush vertically and applied to my bottom lashes.

4. Step four using the Mini Legendary Lip Liner in Bitten Kiss: Starting at the middle corners of my top lips, I follow my natural lip line along until I reach the corner of my mouth. Then starting at the middle of my bottom lip, I do the same.

5. Step five using the New Matte Revolution Hot Lips in Secret Salma: Following along my lips, I apply a quick swipe of the lipstick and I’m ready to go!

The collection also comes with a lipstick-shaped USB drive to watch a Dream Look tutorial! You can purchase the Charlotte Tilbury ‘Dreamy Look In A Clutch‘ Collection HERE.


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