Oh, Tulum. I’m already having major withdraws from that place. The sand, the water, the vibe, and most of all – where we stayed, Coco Tulum… Our room’s view is enough for me to want to chuck my phone away and relocate for the rest of time. Tulum has A TON of hotels to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed on where to hang your hat. I’m here to tell you there’s no competition when it comes where to stay. Coco Tulum boasts over 40 rooms to chose from – with a few options to cater to what you’re looking for. Whether you want to stay in a tower, traditional cabanas, or the suite, they’ve got you covered. And the Instagrammed hammocks? Each room has one. Boo-yah.

We stayed in the cabana just steps away from the beach and loved it. From the dreamy bed canopy to the minimalistic black and white interior, I’ve never felt so in-tune with a room that’s not my own. There’s just something about opening up curtains in the morning and seeing the ocean that’s really damn special. The cleaning service comes everyday to tidy up and provide fresh towels + linens (if you choose). The room felt so clean our week there and the entire staff was one of the nicest I’ve ever experienced. To feel completely taken care of and comfortable in where you’re staying is so important, and Coco just gets it.

One of our favorite things about Coco was the beach bar. Captured in Vogue, Barneys NY, ASOS, and Billabong, it was what originally caught my eye and drew us to stay there. It’s just one of those unique details that makes you say, “I want to be there. @boyfriend/bff/sista, let’s take this photo one day.” Other than serving some killer dranks, the beach bar is elevated, shaded, and equipped with swings. Because who wants to sit still these days anyways? Visit the beach bar on a Sunday to catch their weekly party with some of the world’s best DJ’s.


Our first night, we arrived late so our options were limited on where to eat. Coco Tulum’s restaurant, Juanita Diavola is seriously up there on the yum’s. We ended up eating there for at least 4 meals during our week there. Pizza is cooked in an authentic wood fire oven, while the fish is some of the freshest tasting we’ve ever had. The restaurant also delivers to the beach which was a major plus when I was hitting my guacamole cravings.


While staying ecologically-conscious, Coco Tulum stays true to the visitors. Tulum is your destination for a laid back and simple getaway, unlike neighboring cities such as Playa del Carmen and Cancun. At Coco, they don’t overcomplicate anything. The rooms are simple yet chic and the environment comes first. An idea we can all get behind. But giving mad love to the earth doesn’t have to sacrifice in style. Jose, Director of Image and Marketing of Coco, told us how Coco was designed with major attention to detail, “Starting with the logo. It’s just so simple but beautiful at the same time. You can’t never go wrong with black and white, in that way you also let the true beauty of the place shine: the beach and the jungle. The rooms in black and white and the little details using local materials as roots and wood, work as a support for that natural beauty that already exists and doesn’t steal the attention. Besides, we are living in a millennial era, it’s all about what you post on Instagram… so the small but specific and well done details is what gives your brand the recognition and what makes so different from the other cabañas.”


Jose also says, “Coco is all about beauty and style. We offer comfort and great service, that has to be always there, but we offer difference… You can immediately feel this cool and chill vibe.” From the moment you see Coco Tulum’s front desk, you know your stay is going to be special. To book your stay at Coco Tulum, click here.

All photos by Joe Mcadam.


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