This month has truly been kicking my azz in both good and bad. Preparing for Fashion Week was so stressful, while Fashion Week was a whirlwind within itself. It was back + forth between uptown and downtown, the East Village to the West. It was non-stop from 7 am to at least midnight for over a week and it left me absolutely exhausted! The after-math hit and so did the tornado of my closet! Shoes were everywhere, blouses on the floor, I was missing half of my accessories to find them in random bags all over my apartment. It took a solid few days to get everything back to normal, catch up on work and emails, and re-organize my life. Work has been coming faster and crazier than ever, constantly leaving me to feel like I’m always just trying to catch up. I’ve always loved feeling busy, but I hate feeling behind when it comes to my work life. I started to feel overwhelmed, stressed out, and flat out hopeless. I couldn’t imagine how I was going to tackle everything I had to do and balance everything on my plate. Being behind on posts, I decided to throw on this outfit I planned out for events during NYFW that I just never wore and see if I wanted to shoot it. Instantly, my mood was boosted. It took a minute for me to stop, breathe, and take a second to just look. I never wear red anymore, and it’s such a sexy color, it instantly adds a boost of confidence to anyone. I paired the red skirt with a deep plunging body suit, added a red lip and decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and shoot the outfit and get shit done. Sometimes, you just have to start feeling yo’self to feel like you can conquer anything all over again.


In addition to channeling your inner Bey, it’s important to remember that nothing is as serious as we might think. Stress will get to you if you let it, but nothing lasts forever. Push through it and move on. It’s all easier said than done, so here are a few ways I deal with stress when I start to feel like I’m overwhelmed (A.K.A. loosing my shit, crying on 5th avenue before noon, having a mental breakdown, or throwing a glass or two just for the hell of it) :

Keep a good support system around you. I have to call my mom everyday just to vent about my issues. Your mom is always there for you. To hear you cry, moan, complain… she’ll always be there to pick you up.
Sweat it out. Working out is key to relieving stress. I take all of my anger out when I’m in the gym and I leave feeling lighter than ever.
Divide + conquer. Plan out your day and your tasks. Don’t let your to-do list swallow you whole. Plan out 5 things on your list to get done everyday, and new tasks for tomorrow. And don’t procrastinate.
Eat well. Eating like crap will only kill your mojo further.
Don’t go M.I.A. Everybody has bad days, and yes, even bad weeks, but don’t let it affect your professional life. If I know I’m not going to make a deadline, I will always let the company know. I knew this month was going to be insane, so I had the courtesy to email every brand individually that was expecting something from me and let them know I was going to be a couple days behind. And guess what? It wasn’t a problem, because we’ve all been there.

Over a year later from starting this blog and I’m still evolving and growing in this space I’ve created. It originally started as a travel blog, then transformed into fashion & beauty, and I’m feeling myself want to be more transparent with this.┬áMy passion still lives within beauty and personal style, but I think it’s important to answer the feeling to be more real and honest with this platform. My life isn’t always about what I’m wearing or what lipstick shade I’m feeling the most, but the fact that I’m dealing with issues on the day-to-day just like everybody else. In addition to the usual fashion and beauty, my blog will become more of a lifestyle space for girls just like me on how to navigate through this roller coaster. So please shoot me an email:, and send over any suggestions you want to see, questions you might have, or some feedback on how you’re feelin’ about this addition to the blog.

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Xx, -V


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