If you haven’t hopped on the Dr. Jart train, you must be living under a rock. This Korean skincare company has been taking the beauty world by storm and has quickly become one of my favorites. Dr. Jart is best known for their kick ass sheet masks and the Ceramidin products. Dr. Jart was the first company of sheet masks I ever tried and my favorite. Unlike mosts, the masks stay put no matter what you’re doing. I love to put the masks on while I’m cooking (hello open pores) or tidying up. It makes me feel cool and important. Like I’m so busy with my life that I just need to multitask like that. I mean, whatever. People rave about the Ceramidin liquid and cream because really, who even knows what Ceramides are, but whatever it is, they’re hella good. It’s like fillers in a bottle. Instantly, it plumps and moisturizes your skin all day. To get the best results, use the liquid then the cream.

I also enjoy the BB cream as far as BB creams go, but sadly, I’m not much a BB cream kind of gal. If you do enjoy BB creams (minimal coverage-huge benefits) then this is by far one of my favorites.


As far as the masks go, here are my top five. Ranked.

1. All That Contours- Tightens and brightens.
2. Pore Minimalist- I don’t have huge pores, but I like how this one leaves my skin feeling.
3. Pore Master Patch- Because who doesn’t have nose probs?
4. Soothing Hydra Solution – If I’ve been wearing a lot of make-up and I feel like my skin needs a little TLC, this is my favorite.
5. Brightening Solution – My skin tends to get dull, this is a quick + easy pick-me-up!

Shop Dr. Jart here.
Or at your Sephora here.


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