HeyDay: Flawless skin that doesn’t break the bank. We’re all busy, we suck at planning, and we all are broke. A glimpse into life in NYC. HeyDay gets it. From booking your appointment on their app to a fully-customized facial for under $100… I can actually fit facials into my schedule and my budget. I opted for the 50-minute facial with a peel enhancement. Dina walked me through everything that was going on my skin, what it was doing for me, and why I needed it (as I sniffed away, my face smelled like a garden). She analyzed my problem areas and adjusted my facial accordingly. I was cleansed, exfoliated, masked, extracted, peeled, and moisturized during the best almost-hour of my morning. With hours like 7am-10pm, Heyday makes it possible for our skin to become a priority. After I left, I was sent a personalized email of all of the products that were used during my time if I wanted to add them in my routine at home. Products included were Grown Alchemist, Herbivore Botanicals, and OneLove Organics… So this place is IG, cool-girl approved. Not to mention the urban & minimalistic vibe in the lobby with charges for your phone. I told you… They just freakin’ get it, y’all.

Book your appointment here: Heyday


Hortus Nailworks
: One foot into this place and you feel the coziest and most peaceful you have all week. It’s major green vibes for the gals who prefer all-natural & organic beauty from head to toe. Picture this: exposed brick, wooden tables, and plants… plants everywhere. So cool. And I’m not even a plant person. But it’s cool. And the best part? A kind staff. Which is actually one-in-a-million here. Hortus is definitely a tucked away gem in busy Manhattan. I’ve heard a lot of buzz about sugaring and I wanted in. Sugaring is an organic, less painful alternative to waxing. I grew out my underarms in the middle of summer (major yikes) so I could see what all of the fuss was about. The verdict? Forget a razor, I’m never going back. The sugar is melted to form a wax-like consistency and then applied to your skin, but it’s not hot. Which means no irritation and no burning. Painted on with her fingers, my hair was ripped off without any ouch, and my skin left feeling like a baby’s bum. The treatment is somewhat pricey, but well worth it. Ask for Patricia 🙂

Book your appointment here: Hortus


Olivia Christensen Salon
What can I say about this salon that hasn’t been said already? Olivia Christensen Salon has only been open for 3 months, but they’ve already climbed their way to my go to salon. When you show a salon a photo of Kim Kardashian’s hair and you walk out looking like her (way-lesser) doppleganger, you don’t let them go. After years of unsuccessful hair cuts and colors, I’m naturally cautious when visiting a new salon. I never go in with high hopes, just nervousness. (This sounds like a sad horror story) I’m so thankful I’ve found them! All of the artists are perfectionists, you won’t leave unless you’re happy.

Book your appointment here:Olivia Christensen


HigherDose Sauna
Any sauna that lets me play Kanye is a friend of mine. If you follow me on Snapchat, you saw my evening at HigherDose from start to finish. For those of you late to the game (stop snoozin’), lemme rewind. HigherDose is a step-up from your normal sauna because it’s an infrared sauna. You have your own personal room with your sauna inside. It’s kind of like your own little oasis. You’re provided with towels and a jug of alkaline water to continuously refresh, and an Aux cord to play your own music. It was only 158 degrees in there and within minutes I was sweating. They provide you with a pamphlet describing what each color of the infrared does for you. I chose to switch between green, yellow, and finish off with blue. Each color provides different benefits for your body. Saunas are beneficial to you for burning calories, detoxifying, skin purifying, and relaxation. Infrared saunas are a one-up because they don’t require as much heat and they penetrate deeper. After my hour long session in the sauna, I really felt like it did some amazing things for me. I truly felt lighter. I felt cleaner from the inside out and so relaxed and at peace.

Book your appointment here: Higher Dose


Ermmm.. Sephora to the next level. Sephora on steroids maybe? Let’s go with that. I was always obsessed with Sephora. I couldn’t walk by without stopping in and I’m 99.9% positive that I have 0ver 10,000 beauty points in my account right now. Whoops. I never thought to give Birchbox a shot… Guuurl, am I glad that I did. Birchbox offers full hair and make-up services, they sell all of the best beauty products and they even have a downstairs for men. Other than boasting the cutest interior, they have something Sephora does not: BYOB. At Birchbox, you can build your own box! For just $15, you can choose a sample of all categories; hair, make-up, skincare, body, and fragrance. Upgrade for $25 to choose 5 samples from any category at all. Birchbox is your one stop shop for the busy gal. Stop by Birchbox during your lunch break for a quick updo, fix your wing, or try out some new products, the girls in there are the nicest!

Visit the store here: Birchbox


Exhale Spa
If you’re looking for a more casual spa to spend your day, Exhale is your go-to. I spent the evening at Exhale Spa after work to wind down and see what this place was all about. First, I was handed the comfiest robe and a pair of flip flops to change into. The locker rooms are squeaky clean and stocked up with all of your beauty needs from mouthwash to razors, lotions and blowdryers. I got all comfy-fied and headed to my Fusion massage. It was a full hour of major R + R and I enjoyed every second of it. I’ve never had a massage with a heated neck pillow, and two words: pure bliss. The simplest things sure do make life grand. After my message, I spent the next hour in the steam room, which are like unicorns to me. I love a good steam room so much, but I can never find them anywhere. Exhale was to my rescue! I spent the hour detoxing and sweating my way to nirvana. (Ok, I’m getting too intense.) After my sweat sesh’, I rinsed off in their showers and was on my way. Exhale also offers top-knotch fitness classes and a super stylish shop in the lobby.

Book your appointment here: Exhale Spa

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Where are your favorite spots in the city to treat yo’self?


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