I’m so happy to be able to squeeze in a quick little beach trip with my family before I start traveling again! I’ve been home for a few weeks now and it’s so nice to just be around my family and friends again, and revisit my favorite places here in Atlanta. My family and I thought what better way to make the most of my time here than a spontaneous family trip?! We’re heading to Hilton Head for a few days, so while I’m packing I wanted to throw together some of my favorite beach essentials. From protecting your skin to laying out in style, these are a few of my top picks for hitting the waves!
beachessentials1. eos SPF Lipbalm- I wear this stuff literally everyday. My favorite is the coconut milk scent. It keeps my lips soft all day and smells heavenly! I don’t know about you guys, but my lips are definitely hit the hardest by sun. With shea butter, vitamins C & E, it will combat any drying out or chapping and protect from sun damage!

2. Triangl Milly– There’s no denying that Triangl is pretty much the go-to brand for amazing bikinis. My favorite is the New York Noir. I’m a sucker for black and I think it’s just so classic and sexy.

3. Bamboo Beach Texture Spray– Protecting your mane is almost impossible when switching between the ocean and the pool, especially being under constant sunshine! With UVA/UVB protection for your strands and Tahitian coconut and bamboo, it protects against heat damage, dryness, and breakage. And if salty air isn’t enough, it also helps texturize your hair to help get the perfect beachy waves!

4. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer– This moisturizer has been a best seller for ages and I never hear anything bad about it. Not only does it has SPF 20 to combat your skin from the rays, but it’s illuminating so it keeps your skin dewy, which helps to fight dryness.

5. #Girlboss– A good read is so important at the beach! I’ve had this book forever on my Kindle and have yet to read it. I know, I’m so far behind but I’m bringing it with me for sure to get inspired.

6. Wildfox BFF Towel– If you don’t take Wildfox to the beach… did you really even go to the beach? Hehe, just kidding. But I’m obsessed with Wildfox. And these towel is so awesome because it’s made for two!

7. F21 Round Sunnies– I recently just discovered my love for round sunglasses. I picked these up yesterday and I think they’re just so cute!

8. Topshop Floppy Hat– A switch-up to the traditional beachside floppy hat… I bought this hat yesterday and I absolutely love it! I’ve been dying for a camel colored floppy hat because it’s the perfect fall essential… and it keeps the sun out of your face!

[masterslider id=”14″] Happy beachin’!

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