After reading all of the buzz surrounding Artis brushes, they were always on my wish list. I wanted to know what the big deal was about these crazy shaped brushes that every make-up artist was swearing by. They must be good if there are brands already making knock-off’s, right? Right. So many questions were running through my head like, “But… it’s for your hair, no?” “Why are they so pretty?” and “How the hell do you clean those?”

All of my questions have been answered. My Artis brushes came in the mail and I had a field day. I unboxed them on my Snapchat (@VicVanNess) and people went crazy! I knew I had to talk about these brushes as much as possible because everyone was just as curious as I was. I was lucky enough to speak directly with Ryan, Artis’ Marketing Director to get the 411 on everything. I’ve learned how to apply them to how to clean them from the best of the best. Would I ever steer you wrong?

It’s not a secret that Artis brushes are extremely different than your average brush- even past their appearance. (I mean they look like they are made Queen Elizabeth, y’all) But why? For starters, Artis brushes use CosmeFibre® bristles which helps your make-up blend better. The brushes have on average, 3-10 times more fibers than your normal make-up brush. The bristles are so small they can’t even be seen by the naked eye! Crazy. This is a big one for liquid foundation users. Too often do I leave my house feeling a little bit self conscious if my make-up look splotchy or not. When I use the Oval 7, I don’t have to worry about my foundation looking uneven or inconsistent.


Let’s talk about practicalities. When I showed off my new brushes, a lot of people were like, “They look like a lot of up-keep” “They’re too expensive” “I’m not really into make-up, so I don’t need them.” Wrong. Wrong. And guess what? Yeah. Wrong. If you have skin, you’re the perfect candidate for Artis. Here’s a few reasons why Artis is worth the splurge:

  1. Calling all lazy girls! You, yes you! You guys know by know that sometimes I can be lazier than I should be when it comes to beauty. I most definitely don’t wash my make-up brushes as much as I should. (Who does?) I assisted for a MUA while I was in high school, and I remember she told me that you’re supposed to wash your brushes everyday. I about fell out of my chair. (If I was sitting in one) I wish I had the time and the commitment to wash my brushes everyday. There’s so much bacteria that builds up in brushes, it’s really horrible to continuously re-apply dirty brushes to your face. Artis makes cleaning brushes so freaking easy. The liquid and the pad are all you need. To clean the brushes, apply the liquid solution to the brush, then rub the brush a few times up + down the pad. And guess what? That’s it. Done. Finito. Your brushes are  dry right after cleaning them! You can go about your day. If you have your own preferred method of cleaning, that’s coo’ too. You can use any cleansing formula you wish, Artis brushes won’t ever degrade, as they resist water, alcohol, acids, and detergent.DSC09614
  2. You can use them for whatever you want! Feel like using your concealer brush as your eyeliner brush? Knock yourself out. The brushes work great with powders, liquids or emollient-based products. Another great thing is is that they use less product! Three cheers for all my gals on a budget! I loved BeautyBlender, but I always felt like I was applying layers and layers of make-up because it absorbs so quickly into the sponge. Cleaning it makes me cringe. I feel like I’m watching $20 of my foundation wash down the drain. No thank you. Hellllllo NYC, every cent counts!
  3. You can feel good about using them. Artis brushes are completely animal-free. They never use animal hair or by-products in their brushes. If you’re prone to skin problems, these are the brushes for you. An estimated 10% of the world is allergic to animals and their hair. Ick!
    4. Your money pays off, literally. I’ve already spoken about how Artis is helping you save money on product. But that’s not all. The brushes are more durable than your normal brush. High tech resins, metallized plating, and durable monofilaments are used to help make the brush more dependable and durable over its lifetime of use, so you’ll never have to replace them. Artis brushes also help your make-up stay on longer, no need for re-application here!


Which brushes do I have?
Oval 7: For my foundation and highlight.
Oval 4: For my concealer and cream bronzer.
Circle 1: In the crease of my eyes and highlighting my nose.
Linear 1: I use it for the contour of my nose, top + bottom eyeliner, and to fill in my brows. Talk about a brush that does it all!


 Want to see a tutorial? Stay tuned ’til tomorrow!


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