Welcome to the first post in my new series: CHECKED OUT! Now that we’re on tour – we’ll be checking out some of the best hotels in the cities we’re staying in. First up, The Kensington Hotel.

I’m not sure if it’s possible to fall in love within 24 hours… But I did.

A few steps into one of the whitest buildings I’ve ever seen in my life – we were greeted by warm towels and even warmer lattes to welcome us to the Kensington. With a quick check-in under our belt, we were personally shown around the hotel and then to our immaculate suite.

Let me set the stage: high ceilings, antique four-poster bed, velvet armchairs, chic curtains, and a chandelier… You heard me. A chandelier.

After picking my jaw off the ground and laying in bed taking alllll the detail in – through the double doors to the bathroom, the floor was heated, there was marble as far as the eye could see for all of those Instagram-able flat-lay’s and a TV above the clawfoot tub. From there, it was decided what I was doing with my evening.

We wandered around the hotel before taking a peep into the bar. The stairway from our floor leading down to the drawing room just called for a few minutes of stoping and staring. Dimly light, a few steps from the people downstairs, and yet, all of the attention grabbed us there. (It reminded me so much of Harry Potter – I was obvi having a moment) On the main floor, the Kensington boasts three drawing rooms all with a cozy, lit fireplace. People were laughing, drinking, reading… All surrounded by art and cocktails – the company was just as posh as the hotel.

We made our way to K Bar, got cozy in one of the leather chairs and took in all of the sultry and sophisticated ambiance before heading back upstairs.

I wake up in what feels like a dream land… no, no – a place fit for a princess. Açai bowls, avocado toast, and pancakes with maple syrup and bacon for good measure were served on silver trays. The meal was accompanied by my favorite detail to the menu: rosebud tea. There’s just something about waking up and sipping on real roses that makes you feel fancier than fathomable.

I loved sitting by the window of our porch hearing all the sounds of London, seeing people pass by, while enjoying a slow morning.

My favorite thing about the Kensington Hotel was the service. From the moment we checked in with warm welcome, to check-ins to see if we needed anything, to drinks + treats sent up to our suite throughout our stay – every person we interacted with left us feeling so special. I mean, I couldn’t figure out my key and they personally walked me up to my room to help me out. I’m always a sucker for good service and the Kensington took the cake. Or should I say crumpet?


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