9It’s no secret that when you feel good, you look good. Working out in fashion can get even the newest member of the gym motivated. Nothing gets me more excited to work out than when I have an awesome new outfit to show off. I’m obsessed with finding the next great pair of leggings or unique top. Usually, you won’t see me sporting anything other than black, but when it comes to fitness wear, it’s the best time to play with bold prints and have fun with it! I’m a total sucker for edgy cutout’s and straps.
5Kate Hudson’s activewear line, Fabletics is one of my absolute favorites! Fabletics stands out because it works on a membership basis… all you have to do is a take a lifestyle quiz and Fabletics does the rest! The outfits are shipped every month, or you can even choose to skip the month. Right now, if you sign up for a VIP membership, your first complete outfit is just $25! Thanks to Fabletics, you can save the time and energy for the gym… and shop right from home.
24108My top: FABLETICS
My leggings: FABLETICS

Thank you Fabletics for sponsoring this post, all words are my own 🙂 xoxo
Photographer: Joe McAdam


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  1. August 22, 2015 / 12:39 am

    Love your outfit and also that you are exercising…

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