I’m always on the prowl to snag a new find when it comes to make up and skincare. I’ll try anything at least once, but as I’ve mentioned in the past, it’s a challenge for any product to stay in my daily routine. If it’s not a miracle worker, you can consider it shelved. (Which reminds me, I probably should start tossing this stuff out… anyways…) Ashley Sievert recently reached out to me and asked if I’d be willing to try beauty line. I was all-in after reading amazing reviews all over the internet, and reading that some of my favorite bloggers that I actually trust swear by her. She was kind enough to send me everything from her line for me to try, and I swear, it’s a gem. All of her products are cruelty free, along with SPF in some and hypoallergenic in others, while the brushes are vegan. She also lists all of the ingredients on the product page, so you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin. Not to mention, how pretty does it all look?! 🙂
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Mineral Velvet Creme I would have to say is my favorite product from the line. It’s velvety so it goes on smooth, but doesn’t feel like I have foundation on. It’s weightless on the skin, while almost giving that “airbrush” look, and leaving you looking natural. I like to use it with the foundation brush in the kit and pat it on, then smooth it out in tiny circular motions towards the edges of my face. I can easily say I’ve found my new favorite foundation. And it’s SPF 15 so you’re protected from sun all day!
Mineral Velvet Powder This sets the foundation. I’ve honestly never used a powder to set my face other than a translucent one, but I’m liking this one because it adds to the smoothness of my skin. Not to mention it’s vegan and cruelty-free along with everything else from Ashley Sievert.
Glow Under Eye Brightener This hypoallergenic concealer can be used under your eyes, on your nose, as an eyeshadow base, and to conceal those not-so-perfect spots. This is use-all creamy concealer to highlight and cover. It goes on easy and blends flawlessly because it’s a cream base.
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THE BRUSHES (from left to right):

1. Large Flat Top Brush- This is supposed to be used for the Mineral Velvet Creme, although I prefer to use it for the Mineral Velvet Powder.
2. Taper Brush- Used for contouring your cheekbones, neck, and forehead with bronzer.
3. Fluffy Brush- Used for blending, or dusting away any excess product.
4. Small Flat Brush- To apply the Glow Under Eye Brightener. It’s almost got the texture of a paint brush, so it’s easy to blend the creaminess of the concealer.
5. Angled Brush- Can be used for blush or contouring.
6. Dome Top- Intended to be used for the Mineral Velvet Powder, but I like to use it for the Mineral Velvet Creme instead.


Step 1: Start with a clean fresh face. Moisturize + prime to prep for foundation.
Step 2: I applied the Mineral Velvet Creme in little dots all over my face, I then blended it out by patting it all over with the Dome Top Brush and smoothing it in small, circular motions.
Step 3: The result from step 2.
Step 4: Using the Large Flat Top brush, I used the Mineral Velvet Powder all over my face.
Step 5: The result from step 3. How smooth does it look?! Like a baby’s butt, #amiright?
Step 6: Going in with the Glow Under Eye Brightener and the Small Flat brush, I’m going to conceal and highlight my face.
Step 7: I applied the Glow Under Eye Brightener under my eyes in an upside-down triangle shape, to the bridge of my nose, the center of my forehead, and my cupids bow.
Step 8: The final result! I swear it took me under five minutes to do all of this, Ashley made everyday make-up easy!

You can purchase Ashley’s line here. Can you do it in 5 minutes?!


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  1. Kayley
    June 20, 2016 / 1:50 pm

    Hey Victoria! What is your favorite product for at an at home facial? Ok trying to deep clean my skin but can’t afford a spa facial.

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