Fall is here! It’s my favorite season to dress for – which of course, means a whole new list of wardrobe staples for the season! I’ve chosen some key, timeless pieces as well as budget-friendly trend items. To shop, click on the links below.

OUTFIT DEETS’: jacket / shirt – vintage / sunnies / belt / jeans / shoes / bag


1. Floral Kimono: I’ve always had a thing for a good floral kimono. What some people would think is meant for spring/summer, a floral kimono is super stylish with an all black outfit. The floral print gives a touch of femininity to the sophistication + edge of the all black outfit. If you’re crushing on the kimono for fall like me, stick to the darker undertones like the one pictured.

2. Ivory Boots: This trend has been everywhere this fall! Designers like Tony Bianco, Stuart Wietzman, and even Kendall + Kylie have launched their own version. These Steve Madden booties are a great alternative for less.

3. Felt Fedora: A classic staple for the fall season. I’ve never not worn a felt fedora 3,500 times during the fall. It really elevates an outfit and adds a cool factor – effortlessly.

4. Gray Scarf: I love a simple gray scarf more than any other color because I mostly wear all black during the fall, so a gray scarf helps breaks up my outfit. Gray is also a perfect color for the fall because it’s a monochromatic color that goes with anything without being too dark.

5. Lace Bralette: I’m obsessed with a lace bralette peeking through a chunky knit. It’s a great way to stay a little bit sexy even though it’s getting chilly out!

6. Brown Lipstick: “Chocolate Wasted” from Dose of Colors is my FAVORITE dark lipstick, ever. It looks great on all skin tones which is a big thing. Sometimes I don’t like recommending lipsticks because they don’t always look good on someone else – but I’ve seen Chocolate Wasted look great. It’s a dark brown matte lipstick, so it’s the perfect lipstick to incorporate into your fall tones.

7. Hexagon Sunnies: These Raybans have been popping up everywhere, and they’re on my wish list to purchase next. These are the kind of sunglasses you can always keep in your bag. They go with whatever you’re wearing from yoga pants to a dress.

8. Santal 33 Perfume: This is my everyday scent – but it’s a great perfume for fall if you’re a seasonal switcher. Santal 33 from Le Labo is a unisex scent, so it has darker notes like cedarwood, leather, sandalwood, and cardamom.

9. Color Block Scarf: This scarf – that’s under $10 BTW – is a total steal! The hint of pink will look amazing if you’re sticking to a monochromatic outfit.

10. Gray Coat: Also on the top of my wish list is a gray coat! I still haven’t purchased one because it seems everywhere I’ve been for the past 3 years it’s already been freezing in the fall and I’ve needed something heavier. But gray coats IMO are so chic and sophisticated – that a must.

11. Baker Boy Hat: You’ve already seen these all over Instagram… They’re so in right now + inexpensive – it’s an easy trend to hop on without having to invest.

12. Kopari Coconut Melt: My HOLY GRAIL all year round but especially when it’s colder out. I love the coconut melt for everything. I use it for repairing my cuticles when they crack, a hair mask when I lose life in the winter, a deeper moisturizer than lotion, and adding it to my bath for softer skin.

13. Black Duster: I ordered this the second I saw it on Missguided. The duster can go over anything + under everything. It’s the perfect thing to throw on when your outfit is “just missing something.” I love a good duster for dinners because I want something over my shoulders, but they aren’t heavy.


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