I feel there’s a huge misconception surrounding Valentine’s Day that I simply just don’t agree with. I think about every movie regarding Valentine’s Day that I watch, and sadly enough, it’s usually a whole slew of women off their Ben n’ Jerry’s rockers because they’re left dateless on the “special day.” And as much as it pains me to say it, how many more roses spread on the bed (btw, please, we’re begging you to stop. I don’t want to pick up on the public innuendos of how your evening’s going to look like) can one handle on their Instagram feed in one day? It looks like the flower section of Trader Joe’s threw up all over my timeline.

I’m not meaning to offend, really. Really, really, fo’ really really. (Sorry Ms. Jackson hoooo) I just don’t understand how we’ve warped Valentine’s Day into it being all about the woman in the relationship. Ladies put so much pressure- too much pressure, into their guy for creating the perfect day with the most amaze-balls gift. Love is a two-way street, you get out of it what you put into it. Too often are the expectations for one day so outrageous that more often than not, you’re let down. Don’t set your day up to be that way, split the responsibility and plan it together, it makes it a hell of a lot more fun.

For some people, planning an outing together can be difficult. My boyfriend and I usually spend 40 minutes just trying to decide where to get breakfast half the time. That’s why I’ve mapped out some easy date ideas for every couple. And no, I’m not talking about the horrid, cheesy “40+ Things to Do with your boyfriend this weekend” ideas you see on Pinterest. Umm, can somebody tell them that we don’t want to catch fireflies in mason jars after we make DIY boxes out of movie theater tickets? Cool, cause it had to be done. Skip the depressing Nicholas Sparks movie of the year and give some of these a try:

For the Brand-New Two: 
The world is your oyster. Seriously. Everything is new and fresh, just sitting in silence together feels exhilarating. You’re still in that phrase where you’re like “aww, look at the way he’s breathing, he’s so damn cute.” (No? Just me? Ok, this got awkward. I don’t do that) Spend the day getting to know more about each other and enjoy that quality time. Take advantage of the whole “newness” feeling and do something exciting. You’ll always look back at the beginning of your relationship together as a fun one.
Ideas for you- Visit an art gallery, go to a museum, attend a concert, catch a sports game.

For the Long-Term’ers: 
The trickiest of them all. Fart is the main F-word you use when in bed and you have more body hair than sense kind of love. You might have even stopped celebrating V-Day by now. It’s easy to settle into the same routine. Take a class together of something you both have never done. It will rekindle the relationship because you’re both outside of your comfort zone together. Doing something new will add a freshness to the everyday mundane. You never know, you both could pick up a new hobby!
Try- Mixology, Dancing, Cooking, Pottery, Paiting.

For the Travelers:
Another hard couple to plan for. People who travel together sort of enter this whole other realm of a relationship. Meaning, once you’ve gone to beautiful places around the world together and spent many dates in different countries, another date just becomes another date. Dinners out and days spent together aren’t as special as they are when you’re the average couple, and that’s just the truth! For the two that have been there- done that, play tourist in your own city. Pick up some yummy goodies from your local market and have a picnic. Later in the evening, visit a restaurant that you both have never been before. Keep it close!

For the Law-Low Couple:
This one is for the couple that don’t do dates. Maybe you have kids, demanding jobs, or are just homebodies. An easy one. Do something exciting to make up for all of the dates you haven’t had!
Maybe- Visit a theme park, go rock-climbing, attend a festival, bowling.

For the Workaholics: 
If you can’t celebrate the holiday on Feb. 14, there’s no shame in celebrating a few days before or after! People are busy. When you decide to have the date, spend the night without the phones. No emails, no calls, no texts and enjoy each others company. You’re evening is spent at home, together. You both deserve a day to just relax without any pressure. Lay-low and cook dinner in together without the distractions. Add in a fun dessert, snuggle up and binge watch Netflix together. Oh, love.

For the Two on a Budget:
Nothing wrong with not wanting to go all-out for one day! Or maybe you just can’t. Dates can get expensive, but that doesn’t mean you don’t do anything at all! Cheaper dates can always be so fun because you both get creative!
Try- Grabbing a latte at a cute coffee shop, hiking, thrifting, at-home spa, game night, wine and cheese tasting from the couch.

None of these sound good to you? Go half-and-half. (Mmm, now I’m thinking about Panera y’all) You plan the day outing, he plans the dinner reservations. Or vice-versa! Split the responsibility… Enjoy all of the fun!


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