Montreal being one the biggest cities for the circus world, there is always a new show to see. Being so rich in circus culture and filled with talented performers traveling from all over the globe to train and perform, Montreal is one creative city to say the least. Last night Joe and I headed outside of downtown MTL and went to see one the ‘Complètement Cirque’ shows. Held at Montreal’s very own TOHU, the ‘Complètement Cirque’ is a summer festival put on by some of the biggest company names in circus that bring together different performers and acts from around the world in order to, “attract the attention of thousands of people each year who love creative entertainment.” Changing shows every few days with both indoor and free outdoor shows there’s something for everyone to enjoy!


Last night we caught Machine De Cirque- a show composed of only five men (Yohann Trépanier, Raphaël Dubé, Ugo Dario, Maxim Laurin, and Frédéric Lebrasseur), yet filled with constant entertainment… it was easily one of the best circus shows I’ve seen. It’s about five guys who have survived an apocalypse and “their way to salvation is a most astounding machine.” The show is filled with a great bit of acrobatics such as; Chinese pole and teeterboard, along with an amazing juggling and unicycle act. While only one man is the musician- playing the drums, some vocals, and all sound effects, it all was done in front of the audience on the stage… I was seriously astounded watching Lebrasseur play. Not to mention the show was absolutely hilarious, each artist was so eminent throughout the entire show, I haven’t laughed like I did last night in a long time. The show was amazing to say the least. Here’s a video from their website:

To learn more about Machine De Cirque and the performers click here.
To learn more about ‘Montréal Complètement Cirque,’ or see the upcoming schedule to catch a show, click here.

Xo Victoria


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