Last week, I wrote a post about my new favorite suitcase from Raden. I received a whole lotta’ love on it, and I don’t blame ya’- the suitcase is amazing!

I wanted to share how I packed for an entire week in just one carry-on suitcase. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite picks as far as which clothes to bring for a summer vacation and how to pack.

1. Roll your clothes, never fold. Rolling your clothes really tight helps add extra space when packing a carry-on, and you can really stuff more things in when you roll.
2. Buy all travel-sized toiletries. You’re not allowed full-size products on the airplane, so opt for the minis.
3. Pack your toiletries in a ziplock bag to avoid any spills!
4. Always pack neutral- black, white, gray, brown, nude. This way, you don’t have to worry about which top matches with which bottom. Doing this will also save you a ton of space because it’s easier to mix + match neutral tones.
5. Simplify your shoes: 1 pair of flats, 1 pair of sneakers, and 1 pair of shoes for a special occasion/dinner. Wrap them up in an old grocery bag to keep your clothes clean.
6. Stick a straw through your necklaces to avoid them getting tangled up.
7. For a beach holiday, pack your swimsuit top and bottoms together in one ziplock bag. This helps to keep them together and avoid any mil-dew’ish smell.

1. Check in online and choose your seat ahead of time. Where’s all my window peeps at?!
2. Keep all of your important documents & passport in your purse with you while at the airport.
3. Moisturize! Lip balm, hand lotion, face moisturizer, and water. Flying can really dry out your skin!
3. I love to bring noise-cancelling headphones on my flight. I’ve never had a flight where it was quiet.
4. Bring a jacket in case you’re cold on the plane.
5. A scarf can double as a pillow if you decide to take a snooze.
6. I always bring sanitizing wipes and spray to wipe down my seat and constantly keep my hands clean. The airport is truly a yucky place.
7. If your flight is a long one, bring a sleep mask in order to get some quality shut-eye.
8. To fight any possible sickness, I like to be better-safe-than-sorry and chug a glass of Emergen-c on the plane.
9. Skip the coffee and go for herbal tea or even water. Coffee makes you jittery and will make any skin issues you have while flying even worse.

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Outfit Ideas to pack for 7 days in 1 carry-on:


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